Intrigue City


Intrigue City is a tactical game full of machinations and schemes for those who love direct interaction with other players!

Are you ready to blackmail, bribe, make promising arrangements, weave a web of treachery and then change your plans in order to influence the 6 Guilds of the city of Aar and become the High Councilor?

  • 6 boards
    • 1 Game Board
    • 5 player Boards
  • 118 wooden tokes
    • 5 Defensive Action Tokens
    • 5 Offensive Action Tokens
    • 6 Guild Power Tokens
    • 33 white Influence Tokens
    • 33 yellow Influence Tokens
    • 30 red Influence Tokens
    • 5 Intrigue Tokens in five colors (one for each player)
    • 1 cylinder token as a round indicator
  • 196 cards
    • 5 Basic Influence Action Cards
    • 10Advanced Influence Action Cards
    • 90 Equilibrium Cards
    • 30 Guild Favor Cards
    • 60 Guild Power Cards
    • 1 Schemer Card
  • 1 Rulebook in English


Intrigue City was printed in the non-profit organization KETHEA Schema & Chroma, the Graphic Arts Unit of the Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals in Greece.



Number of Players: 2-5

Game Duration: 60-90 minutes

Age: 12+



Game Designers: Christos Giannakoulas & Manolis Zachariadis (Goblins on Board)

Artists: Panagiota Pardavela & Manolis Frangidis

Graphic Designer: Eleni Chalati


In the city of Aar there are six Guilds that have the control. Every player in the game is a member of a secret council, called Spider Lodge, and tries to influence the six Guilds using influence tokens of value 1, 2 and 3. The goal of the game for every player is to gather on his player board in as many guilds as possible a total influence value of exactly six, creating the perfect balance of influence or else known as “Equilibrium”.

To do so, every player has available in his turn 2 kinds of workers. Depending on the worker he chooses every time, the player either performs the action of the chosen card on his own board – defensive action -or on the board of an opponent – offensive action. Each action card has also a specific intrigue value, which is added afterwards to the player’s total intrigue and is shown by the intrigue counter around the central board. The intrigue counter serves as a time-track machine during the game, as it shows the player who is in turn to play every time (that is the player with the lowest total intrigue).

In the end of every round each player takes the appropriate Equilibrium cards according to in which guild he has achieved and maintained the perfect influence. The Equilibrium cards are kept secret and scored at the end of the game. The victory points that each Equilibrium card worth aren’t fixed, but they depend on a voting system that the players do during the game. This game of Intrigue and Machination lasts 8 rounds. At the end of the game the player with the most victory points wins and he is declared the High-Councilor of the city of Aar!

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Imagine trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube inside a boxing ring while punching, kicking and biting your opponents who are trying to do the same. That’s how Intrigue City felt: a mathematical worker placement puzzle where you get to screw the competition. Me paying attention in math class paid off in spades.

Antonios S,

 Judging by all the tiny details of gameplay, it’s clearly seen that designers have spent a lot of time to fine tune the game and left nothing to luck, added nothing just for the sake of it. Every single rule builds up to the general feeling of a tight gameplay and a game that is also very entertaining. Intrigue city is certainly there for those who seek it!

Βoard Game Maniac


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