FIRED UP! Eternal Moments


Centuries into the future, mankind has colonized the solar neighborhood and is pushing further into the unknown. Society has made leaps of progress, standing on the shoulders of science and the arts, and man is evolving towards the benevolent, superior species he is destined to be.

However, there is one inherent trait that the human race has not been able to get rid of. It is that endless cycle of creation and destruction, the same force that has been driving the universe forever. And it is deeply imprinted on mankind’s collective mind.

Simply put, people want competition. People want entertainment. People want flying kicks, headlocks and diving elbow drops. And most importantly, people want to yell, cheer and stand in awe in front of the flashiest moves that man is capable of.

To satisfy this thirst for action, every 10 Earth-years, champions from every colony gather together in the Nauthriva Arena on Earth. There, they will be spending the next 10 years matching up against each other in a series of gripping, unforgettable bouts.

Now, after years of preparation, a new bunch of fighters has arrived once again; to fight, inspire and give their spectators the time of their lives.

In FIRED UP! Eternal Moments you take on the role of a spectator in an arena where combatants from all over the lands gather, with the sole purpose of creating unforgettable moments for all to see. As the spectator, you can influence fighters with your energy and excitement, in order to alter the outcome of the battle to your liking.

“FIRED UP! Eternal Moments” took the 1st place in the 6th annual Greek Board Game Designing Contest(2015) under the name “Nauthriva”.



Number of Players: 2-5

Game Duration: 30-90 minutes

Age: 13+



Game Designers: Giorgos Eleutheriadis & Theofilos Koutroubis

Artist: Anthony Cournoyer

Graphic Designer: Alexandros Tagaridis


Every player represents a spectator in the Nauthriva Arena. The goal of the game is to leave the event as satisfied as possible. Therefore the winner of the game will be the player who will manage to gather the most Fired Up Points.
The game is played over several Rounds. Each Round consists of the following 3 Main Phases:

  • Planning Phase: All players may simultaneously place face down in front of them 1 or 2 Moment Cards. These Cards represent specific situations that the player, as a spectator, wishes to experience in this Round.
  • Influence Phase: Players roll the dice and choose which Fighter and in which way they want to influence. The goal of each player is to increase the odds of what he/she has bet during the previous Planning Phase. The players can influence the target opponent of each fighter, the Speed of a Fighter, his/her Defend or Attack Power and his/her Morale.
  • Battle Phase: During this phase, fights take place, rolling the respective attack and defence dice. In the duration of this phase, players may reveal their succesful Moment Cards and receive the corresponding Fired Up Points.

The game ends immediately as soon as there is only one fighter (or none!) left in play. The winner is the player who has gathered the most Fired Up Points, by successfully completing Moment Cards, including his/her Secret Moment Card.

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