27th Passenger: A Hunt on Rails


27th Passenger: A Hunt On Rails is a noir deduction adventure, on an unusual New York City train in the 1920s!

1920s, New York City. Rumor has it that some nights, at the abandoned railway connection from Manhattan to Staten Island, the train tracks are warm. You have found a note in the pocket of your coat, specifying a time and a place. “Another job”, you thought.

They offered you a place to play. A bunch of other players, sharing your reputable professional qualifications, would be getting offers too. You will all get on a train from Manhattan, along with several folk that have no idea what they’re stepping into. Only one – or none – of the players will be getting off at the last stop at the far end of Staten Island.

Gather information to identify your opponents, use your scheming techniques to find out who’s just an innocent passenger and don’t forget to keep a low profile, as others will be looking for you, too. Once you‘ve found an opponent you can take him out, but be careful; kill an innocent passenger and you’ll be sleeping with the fishes.

What’s in it for you if you win? Money? Connections? They wouldn’t say. It doesn’t matter, you accepted anyway. “Good”, they said, “detailed instructions will follow”.

  • 1 double-sided Game Board
  • 1 wooden Round Token
  • 50 Deduction Sheets
  • 27 Unique Passenger Cards
  • 36 Action Cards (6 fro each player)
  • 16 Unique Skill Cards
  • 18 Disguise Cards
  • 15 Event Cards
  • 9 Feature Cards
  • 6 Initiative Cards
  • 6 Player Aid Cards

The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter.



Number of Players: 3-6

Game Duration: 45-60 minutes

Age: 10+



Game Designers: Christos Giannakoulas & Manolis Zachariadis (Goblins on Board)

Artist & Graphic Designer: Manolis Frangidis

Rulebook Graphic Designer: Eleni Chalati



Players randomly choose one secret identity out of 27 passengers that are on the train. Each player is an assassin and wants to be the last one standing, before the train reaches its final destination.

In each round/stop, all players choose simultaneously one of the four different actions below:

  1. Investigation: The players target an opponent and try to find a feature of their secret identity.
  2. Assassination: The players, hopefully having found the secret identity of an opponent, take them out.
  3. Scheming: The players take a look at some of the innocent passengers that have gotten off the train, before the rest players know about them.
  4. Deception: The players defend themselves either by stopping an investigation towards them, or they disguise themselves in order to avoid a future investigation.

In addition, each player holds a set of special unique Skill Cards, which will help them break some certain rules of the game or having two action performed in the same round. Finally, in each round a different Event takes place which stirs things up!

So, happy hunting and remember: others are looking for you, too!

Videos & Reviews

A. Video Reviews

Interview by Stephen Conway (American Radio-show) Audio-icon

B.Written Reviews

“Where many other games will see you trying to work out a mystery by eliminating clues, 27th Passenger flips things around by involving everyone sat around the table – you may be hunting down a killer, but you’re also being hunted.”

Michael Fox, The Little Metal Dog Show

“The love and care that the 27th Passenger was made with shows from afar. It succeeds fully in what it tries to achieve; consider it an easy-going if not outright exotic gift, breathing some fresh air on an often overlooked category of games.”

Antonios S, RPG.net

“27th Passenger: A Hunt on Rails, refreshes the genre with its combination of mechanics, true film-noir atmosphere and heightening tension.”

Board Game Maniac

“27th Passenger is a delightful game, enjoyable with almost any sort of group-as long as you can handle a little stab in the back, or two.”

David Chircop, Magazine “THINK” – Issue 12 (April 2015) – Page 54

“The narrative is very strong, has the feel of a 1920’s newspaper text and succeeds in conveying the discourse of the era.”

Base the Bass, BoardGameGeek User

“A very modern and welldone interpretation of a standard topic – Story fits the mechanism very well – Cute and witty details”

Dagmar de Cassan, WIN The Games Journal – Issue 479 (May 2015) – Page 18

“Whoever has fun with murder investigation, will definitely enjoy train journey with a one-way ticket.”

Dusan, Deskovehry.com


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